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Short Story Writing in Swans.

The Swans class has been writing their own short adventure stories this week, ensuring that they use lots of descriptive language as well as tackle their next individual writing priority.  You have all worked with amazing focus!

It was also great to see you all grasp the fact that stories do not have to be long in order to engage the reader and their imagination.  Seeing your collective reaction to the animated story, ‘The Sentinel,’ was fantastic.  Maybe you could write your version of the film during half term (there will be 20 raffle tickets awarded to anyone who brings a copy in).

Share this film – it’s awesome!

Stay On Track! Half Term ‘Homework’

Swans class have not been set a specific homework for this holiday, however we would encourage them to keep their minds active during the week and a half away from school.

  • Why not visit Mathletics a few times?
  • Read for 20 minutes every day.  Perhaps you could read one of Piers Torday’s books?
  • Write a short story of your or perhaps write your version of ‘The Sentinel’ – see the blog above.

thelastwildimage mathletcslogo1


Piers Torday time today.

Today the Swans class travelled to Cheltenham to visit the Literacy Festival and enjoy a workshop and presentation from the writer Piers Torday, author of The Last Wild.’  In the workshop the pupils developed their story creation skills whilst they invented characters and settings that Piers instantly used to build a story there and then in front of the children.   We’ll be trying that in class.

The pupils also really enjoyed visiting the on-site book shop to browse for books they would like to read.

Well done the Swans!

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Magical Maths Percentages

The Swans class busy at work calculating percentages of numbers and money.  Can you find 14% of £55.40?  Or maybe you could find 23% of 2,390?  Without a calculator!


Ask Dum Spiro

The year six class have been using the short animated film Dum Spiro, all about the journey of a Roman soldier, to help them with their story writing.  Why not ask them if they can describe the story to you and then watch the video together?  Maybe even try writing some descriptive sentences of your own when you have finished watching the film?

Rugby Running

A great rugby lesson had by all.  Remember, go forward with the ball!


Preposition Practice

Don’t forget the propositions ‘IN’ your writing!  You now need propositional phrases to meet the expected standard in English writing.  Click here for that awesome video by the Bazillions.