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Bikeability underway – Level 2


img_8337The year six pupils and many of the year fives started their Level 2 Bikeability training today.  First they checked their bikes to ensure they were road worthy and then practiced some basic road skills, ahead of their training on the local roads.

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Edgy Maths


Today the class enjoyed competing against each other in the latest round of Edgy Maths.  The teams used their reasoning and problems solving skills to solve questions all about our recent classroom work: fractions, missing angles, BODMAS, formulas, units of measurement and place value.

Well done everyone; some amazing scores this time around!

Mathletics Minds.


Don’t forget to practice your maths at home too.  Just ten minutes a day on Mathletics could really help you make progress;  you could follow-up on your classroom learning or identify gaps in knowledge that you could work on.

Lost your username and password?  Just ask your teacher and they will be able to remind you.

Click here to log in to Mathletics.

For those of you in Year 6, there are 97 days until you start your SATS papers.  That means if you did 10 minutes a day on Mathletics you could complete over 16 hours of maths practice between now and then (just at home).  That has got to help you meet the expected standard!


Dissolve away.


The year sixes can be seen here taking time to conduct a fair experiment, to find out whether substances dissolve in a solvent or not.

You were all so focussed and determined to make your testing fair!  You are all turning into great scientists.

Can you remember what solvent means?

Follow me.


Do you know the features of a good instruction text?  Well the class has been ensuring they do, as well as having a go at building a few things of their own.  Well done everyone!  Why not ask a pupil from the Swans to tell you what writing features you need in an instruction text.

Measure that!


Some of the class practicing their reading of scales, whilst also thinking about the sections of the scale in terms of fractions and percentages.  Well done!

Library Studies


The class have been busy in the library this week, reading, comparing and contrasting texts.  It is brilliant to see all the pupils enjoying their time in the library, using research skills and finding out so much.  Well done everyone!